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Carly has been singing since a very young age. From the age of 14 she sang as a warm up for established acts on the UK circuit. At 16 Carly put together her own show and started to take it on the road around the UK.

At 19 Carly got a job in Cyprus touring around the island for the next year performing in Clubs, Bars, Hotels, Military Bases and many more including various weddings.

After arriving back in the UK in 2010, she put together a Diva show and a Soul and Motown Tribute called 'SOULTOWN'. They toured throughout the UK for the next year until Carly eventually went back to Cyprus taking her shows 'The Voice' 'Girl on Fire' and her Rihanna tribute, 'Good Girl Gone Bad', with her.

Now in the UK for the foreseeable future Carly is back on the road and looking to achieve her full potential with her shows.


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